Stourport 2010

Stourport 2010
Winning vase 5x 'Sarah Louise'

Saturday, 7 January 2017

Coming back with vengeance...

Hello folks...
Well, looking back it's been over two years since my last post on here. I had chosen to take a couple of years off from showing because of work commitments etc. However, 2017 is going to be the year when I return to the hobby I love so much. Over the last couple of years lots of things have changed. I am now very honoured to be Head gardener to John Massey MBE VMH of Ashwood nurseries and I tend his 3 acre canalside garden with the help of a small team of wonderful people. Another major change has been the loss of my allotments which I had tended for over 10 years. Without going into too much detail I was pressurized into giving them up by certain members of the committee. Despite this I have just taken on a new plot on a different site and they are wonderful people and there are quite  few of my friends already on this site which makes it extra fun.
I must admit I am looking forward to entering the shows again and wiping the smile of certain people's faces... but above all i'm looking forward to seeing good friends again and having a bit of banter.
I am going down this afternoon so I will try and take some pictures to post so you can see it.
In the meantime I have had a go at putting a short video together for your enjoyment (sorry about the advertising watermark on the video- I need to find a different movie editor program).
Here's the youtube link anyway:
In the greenhouse- A quick update

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