Stourport 2010

Stourport 2010
Winning vase 5x 'Sarah Louise'

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

I've got worms!!!

The first signs of life from the Hative Di Niort shallotsare now clearly visible! I shall pot them into 2/3ltr pots once the roots emerge from the bottom of the pot and put them either in the cold greenhouse or in the polytunnel.-starting to need the room now! These are from a mate of mine and i would like to think that they will end up on the showbench hopefully at the district show. Who knows eh?
Potted on the welsh seedling tonight into Levington M3 with a few added extras. One thing i am trialling this year is wormcasts and i think they're working. Since i've used them the leeks and onions have really perked up and are exhibitng a lovely fresh green colour. As you can see from th photo great roots aswell. The roots hit the casts and really go for it and it doesn't take them long to fill the pot. The most important thing when growing leeks and onions for show is never let them stop growing by either leaving them in thepot for too long to become potbound or letting them dry out. Any check in growth now will have devestating results later on... You have been warned!

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Progress pics...

These are some of the leks i had from Steve Wright. Cumbrian on th left, welsh seedling on the right. Tommorrow i shall be putting 6" pipe lagging on the blanch leeks to increase the blanch then as they grow i shall increase the length.
The derek raw onions are doing reasonably well considering i left them with a friend for three weeks while i was on holiday. Still got half a seed tray left but finding it hard to throw them away. Theres far more than i need so i shall probably end up giving them away.
I'll leave you with a few holiday pics...

Could this be my next venture??? I hear John Trim into sailing. Have to get a few pointers Ha! Ha!

Me and me best mate Cassy. Shes 17 this year and has been a loyal companion for every single one of those years- heres to as many more as she can manage!
And last but least theres always got to be one prat at christmas...

Monday, 10 January 2011

It's been a while people- i've been in Kent for the past three weeks but now i'm back and eyes firmly fixed on the shows. First one being only 7 months away!!!!
While we were away the sh*t weather dealt us a burst pipe which flooded half the house and we came back to a freezing cold house because the boiler decided to flunk. Bl**dy weather got alot to answer for. Still:
talk about sh*t on a man while his down- The ozzies are having a crap summer AND now they've lost the Ashes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Personally i can't stand cricket but its nice to have something to celebrate- wiping the smug grin of the ozzies face is good enough for me!
Managed to get my 8oz onions sown when i got back. Growing vento this year after failing miserably last year with golden bear. Sown them in levington f2s as i do all my seeds. Now on sand bench with bottom heat. Same with shallots. First year ever that i'm trying them from seed. Trialling ambition which i know has had some success onn the showbench. However, not being one to put all my eggs in one basket, i am also growing hative di niort and jermor from bulbs. These have been planted into 3 1/2" pots and placed on greenhouse shelf to forget about for a week or two. I've also potted some leeks into their second pots into M3. Potted welsh seedling and cumbrian. Pendle improved yet to do.
Reckon i've got one failure already this year- the heavy onions i sowed from Peter Glazebrook germinated great and looked promising when i went on holiday but when i got back half of them look like they're about to kick the bucket and the other half dont look a picture of health. They look really thin but i have been advised this is the result of them growing under lights. Whether they suffered not being under lights whilst i was away?
I must post some photos but just havent had the time to take any yet! Hoping to take some xanth cuttings this week while i'm off so will probably post some then.