Stourport 2010

Stourport 2010
Winning vase 5x 'Sarah Louise'

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Stumped for time...

It's been a while as i've been really busy and, as always, one thing leads to another. Since the last post i've had two tonne of sand delivered which has enabled me to get my stump carrot set up complete. 45 gallon drums cut in half and filled with sand placed on top of raised bed of well cultivated 'fluffed up' soil. I shall bore the holes and use levingtons f2s. I aim to sow end of march. Variety Sweet Candle.
Had a nice find today! John took me to a manure heap that is only a 5 minute drive from the allotments! And i never knew it was there. There's some lovely well rotted stuff and some fresh so it is ideal for immediate use and for mixing with the compost heap. You can pull the car right up to it aswell- i shall be visiting this oasis more frequently from now on me thinks...

Made a few sowings this week: Peppers, tomato 'Cedrico', Sprouts 'Bosworth', aubergine 'Black beauty' and celery 'Redstar'.  Still taking xanth cuttings, will start dahlia cuttings in the next few weeks aswell.
Potted on Welsh Seedling into 6" square pots this morning. All leeks are on 12 hour light cycle and looking remarkable good for it- the biggest leeks i've had thanks to the new T5 growtubes. Peter Glazebrook onions are starting to motor now after a slow start. Had a small outbreak of thrip on some of the leeks so have started spraying with Dynamec (thanks Mr Trim!). Booked my tickets for the Edible garden show held at Stoneleigh Park this week for 18th March. Should be a good day out, looking forward to going over to the NVS stand where, i recently discovered, Smithyveg will be helping out so can't wait to see some friendly faces.........and Simon!

Good growing !