Stourport 2010

Stourport 2010
Winning vase 5x 'Sarah Louise'

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Spring is in the air...

Had some pot leeks given me this week. They have only just been potted up into John Innes 2 mix so they still look a little floppy and worse for wear.

The new 'Kibby' pot leek from John Soulsby. Should be interesting to see how it performs.

Pendle have been potted on again and are just starting to touch the lights- will have to move them up next week.

Onions also looking good in the JI 2 mix. I think the added Antagon is doing its job.

A few sprouts 'Bosworth' for an early picking. Got some crispus to sow soon to follow on.

Dutchman cabbage destined for the plot....

A few xanth cuttings- struggling to got enough this year but had some stock from a couple of friends so thanks go out to them!

The weather's been superb today just like spring should be! These guys know how to time their arrival alright!

Planted the first lot of spuds today. First early 'Lady Christl'. All I do is nestle them in the soil and then throw a covering of compost/leafmould over them. As they grow they will get whatever I can lay my hands on: grass cuttings, straw, compost etc.

Planting some Hative di niort outside in the beds this morning. I planted 40 in this bed for now.

All they've had is fish blood and bone then myccorhizal fungi applied to the planting hole. A good watering then mulched with straw- done!

Next week's a busy week so i might not get as many posts on as i'd like but will certainly try!